Marketing and Sales Enablement Leader

  • Advisor / Consultant: - Chambers of Commerce - Trade Associations - Non-Profit Organizations
  • - Numerous IBM 100% Clubs and Achievement Conferences
  • - Bradley University - Bachelor of Science - Business Management
  • - Marketing / Sales Enablement Integration - Small & Medium Business - Employee Engagement
  • - Sales Education - Management Mentoring - Presentation Skills
  • - To First Line, Second Line, Third Line Mgmt
  • See endorsements on LinkedIn Page
  • - U.S Chamber of Commerce - Multiple Client Conferences


Stephen Wittenborn
"You have to bring a deep passion to everything you do or you are just existing."
Accomplished leader seeking to leverage multi-discipline skills and experience in sales management, marketing, sales, sales enablement and channel marketing management in a sales enablement or marketing leadership role.

These objectives are at the forefront of every position I have held.

  • Optimize Seller Effectiveness
  • Identify New Opportunities
  • Accelerate the Buyers' Journey
  • Increase Seller Win Rates
  • Exceed Customer Expectations

Aligning marketing messaging with sales objectives and sales enablement designed to target the customers' known & unknown needs, building seller skills, and creating value propositions that highlight competitive differentiators.


  1. -
    Global Digital Enablement & Engagement Leader, IBM

    Created global strategy and managed execution of the digital publication and delivery of role-based sales enablement for 60 consulting services offerings across all IBM. 

    Selected Accomplishments:

    • Within 30 days, views/downloads of content reached and remained at 10,000 per week. 

    • Within one year, enabled offerings accounted for 5% of total Global Business Services revenue.
  2. -
    North America Industry Portfolio Marketing Manager, IBM

    Designed marketing and sales enablement plan and content to drive Blockchain for Supply Chain and Digital Customer Engagement specific for retail industry across the United States. 

    Selected Accomplishments:

    • Achieved 4 quarters of pipeline and revenue growth and over $350M in annual revenue.
  3. -
    Regional SMB Marketing Executive, IBM

    Managed and led team of marketing managers to drive pipeline of IBM solutions by executing local marketing tactics, and creating / delivering sales enablement to support 240 sales representatives.

    • Drove over $450M in pipeline and $210M in revenue and 5% growth in subsequent years


  4. -
    North America Sales Enablement Manager, IBM

    Created strategy and governance to overcome enablement overload to sellers.  Established "Only What You Need to Know" content and digital delivery.  Managed content creation and delivery based on seller requirements and the buyer's journey.

    • Drove weekly usage of enablement content from 8% to 64% of 450 sellers.

    • Increased productivity of sales enablement team by 22% and decreased costs by 15% by hiring, training and managing support team in Bangalore India.
    • Quarterly feedback illustrated 98% positive on content, 94% on delivery, 93% on relevance to their role and 89% helping the seller have meaningful customer conversations.
  5. -
    North America SMB Sales Executive, IBM

    Developed and executed strategy to enter new market (Business with less than 1,000 employees).  Established affinity relationships with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, State & City Chambers, national trade associations and American Express. 

    • Achieved $35M in revenue by year 2 by marketing and selling business solutions through affinity relationships' constituency, members, customers.

    • Reduced marketing expense by 32% by utilizing affinity partners communications vehicles while increasing our universe of potential customers to over 1.2M small businesses.



  6. Regional Channels Manager, IBM

    Recruited, enabled sales and developed co-marketing with value added resellers across 11 states in the mid-west United States.  Developed new territory compensation plan based on shared profit.

    • Exceeded revenue plan each of 5 years

Proudest Personal Accomplishment

Assisting in the growth of 3 children to become  independent, young adults contributing to society

A few professional Highlights

  • Developed  an innovative new go-to-market model, targeting a new market & exceeded revenue goals
    marketing through chambers, trade associations, large corp. partners targeting small business
  • Multiple successes- designing  & integrating marketing strategy / processes
    ANALYSIS & Insight - dEFINe TARGETS - understand needs -  EXECUTe  360 MARKETING - enable sales
  • Hiring, training, leading and managing people to achieve business & personal goals
    implement situational mgmt styles - integrate team goals with corporate - collaboration across teams
  • Global & multi-cultural experiences by hiring, training & managing marketing team in Bangalore India
    understanding cultural differences and integrating into team to the benefit of all
  • A true passion for Sales Enablement... integrated into product launch, mktg strategy, content design
    Combining mktg practices with sales exp. to provide content & training matched to buyers journey

Education Highlights

  • University of Chicago - Multiple certificates  Marketing, Management, Pricing
  • Bradley University - Peoria, IL  - Bachelor of Science Business Administration


  • Personal:  Family, Golf, Landscaping, Reading, Tennis
  • Professional:  Creating, Teaching, Strategizing, Exceeding planned outcomes


  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing / Sales Integration
  • Digital Sales  Enablement
  • Listening
  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Virtual Collaboration
  • Communications
  • Teaching / Coaching
  • Translate Complex to simple
  • Marketing Strategy Development

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
I love the combination of art and science. The creativity required to be innovative in content, style, format, presentation, delivery and customer experience combined with the science around data, analytics and insights allows for the activation of both sides of my brain.
Who has influenced you most in your career?

I have worked with and reported to so many people with varying styles, knowledge, and personalities that I have learned from all of them... some what to emulate and from others, what not to emulate.

My father gave me a few words of wisdom that continue to resonate...

  • "Don't use a $1000 word when a $10 word will do... communication should convey a message and the two-way transfer of information, not to show how smart you are."

  • "A successful leader has the ability to step on toes without ruining the shine"

What are a few basic attributes of successful sales enablement & marketing leaders?

- A background in both marketing and sales.

  Marketing: the seller is your customer in Sales

   Enablement and you use the same marketing principles,

   tools and passion you use to drive your message to

   external customers/clients.

   Sales: you need to...fully understand what motivates and

   drives a seller to succeed, story tell in their language and

   establish credibility by having walked in their shoes.

Avoid at all costs... Information overload.

   Design a program that provides the information needed in

   line with the buyer journey.  At each step of the way, the

   seller needs to know "what time it is, not how to build a



Greater Chicago Area


United States

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